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Together we will explore your goals and challenges that are currently impacting those goals and find strategies that will turn that completely around in just 45 minutes leaving you with Goals, Actions, and Performance criteria to implement.

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LEARN “the 4 steps 92% of Business Owners don’t know on how to achieve their Goals – FAST”


  • Frustrated with the lack of good quality leads being attracted by your business marketing?
  • Looking to have time to work ON your Business and Free time to do what you choose?
  • Looking for help on how to improve your cash flow and stop wasting money on marketing and advertising that doesn’t work?

If this is you, then we should chat…

As a business owner, are you frustrated with the lack of good quality leads being attracted by your business marketing? and when you do manage to secure a great prospect, they are either not ready to commit or want a cheaper price.

You have spent lots of money on marketing and advertising and frustrated that you are still not attracting the good quality leads that you need to turn into IDEAL customers for your business to grow and provide Cash Flow , peace of mind and flexibility in your lifestyle.

Your cash flow will improve and you WONT waste money on marketing and advertising that doesn’t work ever again. The Bonus you get from working our team is that you have time to work ON your Business and Free time to do what you choose.

Let’s get you started by watching first this eye opening video that explains why Business Owners make these mistakes …. and how to over come it.


Are you tired of trying to “work it all out” on your own and finally ready to see some cash flow and profit success for your business? Let me save you a huge amount of trial-and-error pain and suffering and get you to the big money fast!

For the average everyday business owner trying to create profits at the end of the week, it can be a scary undertaking when you don’t know where to start – you need a system to follow in order to be successful.

I focus on small business that includes education to create profitable businesses, allowing personal freedom and financial health.

I am going to teach you my secret business success paint – by – numbers system that will provide you with cash flow and profits than your every thought possible.

You will be blown away how easy some of my strategies and tactics really are.


Hello, my name is Glenis Gassmann, Business Strategist and Chartered Accountant.

My goal is straight forward … to help serious business owners generate more clients, close more sales and increase their overall revenue and profits quickly and inexpensively.

If you are interested in adding extra revenue over the next 12 months … without selling more time for money then I can help you.

My passion and desire for time flexibility and automation due to a small growing family was the catalyst for starting my own business in 1993.

I saw an opportunity in 2008 to bring Business Coaching into the backend of my Accounting business to provide access to Business Owners struggling to get new and improved results for their Business.

In 2015, I realised that the hot button for 80% of Business Owners was more leads and more profits so I equipped myself with the knowledge on how to achieve that and joined up with an International Coaching organisation where their main focus was on Lead Generation, Increased Conversions and having customers come back one more time.


Since working with Glenis my business has experienced growth in excess of 30%. The strategic plan we set in place is coming together in every area of the business. I can now see the solid foundation we have built will be the catalyst for future expansion.

Glenis runs a successful business of her own – she’s not just a ‘textbook’ coach and there’s absolute level of confidence in dealing with someone with demonstrated success.

Little Tummy Tucker

I have been working with Glenis for one month and already we have increased our turnover by 66%. I am now clearer as to where the business is heading and the actions to be taken to get there

My Designer

When I first starting working with Glenis I didn’t really understand what the numbers meant when I started jotting them down from month to month, but now I have 18 months worth of numbers it has really helped me see where my sales come from, and my key numbers. It also helps me see which marketing channels have the best conversion and creates the best leads. It has really helped me focus on what works, and what doesn’t. So I have been able to increase my business by over 200% in 15 months.

Ashley Portas
CEO, DiamondPort


Have your marketing messages appeal to your prospect to take action and never waste money on advertising and marketing again.

Suited for Business Owners who may have not put in place the basic fundamentals when they started or wishing to revise these for new markets.

There are two sides to business success: Business Development and Leadership  Development.

quick cashflow course

Explode out of the gate and begin to quickly generate more leads and attract new clients to your business.

social media marketing

This is a framework for business owners to get tangible results online.

business coaching and mentoring

Options tailored to your time requirements in either  – Group, Buddy or Private sessions.


In 45 mins we get to know each other,  go over what you’re looking to achieve and whether I can help you get there.

  • Identify GOALS

  • Discuss Challenges

  • Develop GAME -PLAN