Meet Glenis Gassmann

CA and Business Strategist

Who is Glenis?

Glenis Gassmann CA is the owner of More Customers – More Profits and a contributing writer for The Six-Figure Coach Magazine. Glenis is a Business Breakthrough Specialist with expertise in the financial realm as a Chartered Accountant. Winning awards and creating innovative change with her strategic thinking, mindset prowess, and financial expertise.  She focuses on the small business sector providing education to create profitable businesses that allow personal freedom and financial health as well as a turn-key system and network for Business Coaches and or Professionals looking to leverage their time with systems and processes, improving the performance of the Business Coach as well as the client.
first MYOB Consultant

So how did it all start?

Her passion and desire for time flexibility and automation due to a small growing family was the catalyst for starting her own business in 1993. Firstly as a consultant, automating accounting firms in their systems to small businesses moving from paper to computer based accounting records using MYOB as the vehicle. She was the first MYOB Consultant /Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) in Queensland and trained other for the CPA society other accountants on how to best use the system for their clients.

business coaching opportunity

Business Coaching Opportunity

Moving through YTK and growing her business to a team culture of Innovation and Growth. Glenis saw an opportunity in 2008 to bring Business Coaching into the backend of her Accounting business to provide access to Business Owners struggling to get new and improved results for their Business. She shifted her professional career to join the Chartered Accountant association and at the same time trained herself to be a results driven Business Coach and replaced herself in the Accounting business with another partner and a team of 10.

During that time, she was the driving force behind many Industry, State and Local government and council awards for Innovation and clients results, focusing only on Business Client as well as swapping time based fee generation to performance based and packaging up services for her client base to include a full holistic approach to managing their numbers, cash flow and growth.

Her one claim to fame is being able to balance her family life with her professional life and maintaining her health at the same time.

Glenis sold her practice in 2012 to a Brisbane CBD based Accounting Firm to focus her efforts on Coaching Businesses to success. Her business name was “The Winning Effect”.

In 2015, Glenis realised that the hot button for 80% of Business Owners was more leads and more profits. So she equipped herself with the knowledge on how to achieve that and joined up with an International Coaching organisation where their main focus was on Lead Generation, Increased Conversions and having customers come back one more time. This matched perfectly with her already proven skill set of packaging, maximising profits and financial prowess to have her stand out to be a World Class, High Performing, Results Driven Business Coach and her business name changed to “More Customers More Profits”


“The Winning Effect”


“More Customers More Profits”

Her WHY that fuels her drive is to be making an impact and reduce Business Failure rates from double digits to single each and every year.

She realised she cannot do this alone and is currently recruiting coaches to work with her to achieve this with her Turnkey system of Lead Generation, Sales Process and an On-Line E-Learning system that provides education leverage for the Business Coach.  Making it an easy transition for Business Coaches looking to work with a group of peers on an already done for you system and write your own annual income cheque.

She has a huge propensity to love, is engaging, empowering and a straight talker that is unstoppable in her mission to make a difference and improve business results.